Do women have an on/off switch for our busy brains?

Jul 5, 2010Family Uncaged, Find joy today

As women, we carry so much. And not physically, though I’ve carried my share of babies, toddlers, hurting kids, etc. I’m talking about what’s inside our brains. Pretty much chaotic craziness. I truly don’t know how my hubby would survive without me. I hold so much in my database–bank statements, shot schedules, household chores, what’s for dinner, who needs to be ferried where and when, grocery lists, car maintenance schedules, clothes the kids need . . .

I’m tired writing it all down.

Do you ever feel like throwing your hands in the air and saying a big, fat ENOUGH?

(Maybe I’m the only one.)

The thing is, I can take things off my plate. I’ve gotten really good at using the NO word. Only the NO doesn’t extend to my crowded brain. I cannot stop my brain from thinking one thousand things at a time. Oh how tired it makes me!

So if you know where the on/off switch is to a woman’s brain, please let me know. Mine’s running on overdrive right now…