Do our books reflect the intelligence of Jesus?

Feb 21, 2006Find joy today

I remember hearing a sermon by my friend JR about the fact that Jesus was intelligent. Somehow we forget that. We see His mercy, His strength, His joy, His resolve, His selflessness, but we forget that He is/was/will be the most intelligent being ever to walk this earth.

So why do some Christian books behave as if Christianity was for dolts? If we are writing for the glory of God and yet our writing is sloppy, theologically sketchy, simplistic to a fault, and serves only the least common denominator, how does that reflect a brilliant God?

When I think of my writing, I try to think of Michelangelo. He spent years perfecting his method as he did it. He improved. He gave everything to create beauty worthy of cathedrals. Our God deserves our very best. He deserves well-thought-out arguments, compelling and redemptive stories, and theology that sets folks free.

I fear we settle because we as a Christian subculture have allowed it so. I, for one, am tired of that. How about you?