Did you know this about France?

Dec 22, 2005Family Uncaged, Find joy today

There are many interesting things about living in France. I could expound about line-cutting, always having to say a greeting when I enter a store (which is really quite nice once you get used to it), or the glory of the CHOCOLATE AISLE at the grocery store this time of year. But, I’ll hold off on the mundane and share some quirky things.

First, did you know there is a department for the French language, kind of like the French language police? Here’s the name of the department (take a deep breath, it’s long):

La terminologie des moyens de communication.

Say that ten (dix) times fast. I dare you!

Anyway, with all these new words floating around (like email, MP3 players, etc), this department has had their hands full coming up with French sounding names for English computerish words. So, drumroll please.

Pa rum pa pum pum.

The word for podcast (some have called it le podcasting):

baladodiffusion. From two syllables to seven. Hmmm.

And what happens if, through saying this very very long word, you get a tooth ache? Well, say no more, and DRIVE no more. There is a tooth extraction service that comes to you in a large U-Haul looking truck with the word TOOTH REMOVALS on the side. I’ve pasted the advertisement below. First, why would they put a Christmas bow on this ad? So that I can give Patrick a gift certificate this Christmas that reads, “Dear Patrick, I know you don’t need all those teeth, so to celebrate Noel, I’m having the Tooth Removal Folks drive over here. Merry Christmas!”

Since I’ve experienced French dentistry first hand, maybe a mobile unit would be better!

Alas, though, if you read the ad, you realize, that even though it is shaped like a tooth, the removal service is actually a moving service.

I figured it out when I puzzled over these words:


  • “Full removals, part loads, and single items” So, they’ll extract ALL my teeth? Or part? Is one tooth considered a single item?
  • “containerized security storage depots” What? Why would I want to store my extracted tooth, and why all the security?
  • “worldwide packing, transport and delivery” So, they pack the tooth, pull it, transport it and deliver it? Where? Is there some sort of tooth black market somewhere in the world I don’t know about?
  • “Local removals, regular service to Paris.” Maybe folks in Paris need my teeth?

I also learned these important stats:

  • The highest consumption of cocaine and cannabis in France is here on the French Riviera!
  • The Bic pen was invented in France.

So, there you have it. Long words. Odd advertising. Drugs. And pens. That’s all I have for today!