Day One Staff Conference

Jul 30, 2006Write!

It’s so lovely to be a part of a missional community like Christian Associates. Wow. What great, great folks. And what a blessing to spend some good time with good friends like Terri and Shannon and another Shannon and so many, many more. Thank you Jesus.

Alan and Deborah Hirsch, (Alan is the author of The Shaping of Things to Come) are our speakers. Alan had some great quotes I thought I’d pass on to you:

“Behind every question is a quest.” So true, isn’t it?

“We have a poverty of imagination.”

“We are motivated by meaning, grace and mission.”

I look forward to hearing from them this week.

Had a great talk with a good gal. We talked about women’s roles. I have realized in the past few months that I no longer “fit” in the evangelical super woman mold. I just can’t measure up. Nor do I want to. It made me tired. Why do we have to aspire to mommy/woman/Christian perfection? And then try to place those standards on others? I’m processing that right now and will present my radical crazy nutty views someday. Hopefully I won’t offend y’all! 🙂

Wi-fi is spotty and Patrick wants to check his emails so I must sign off. Pray for Sophie and her friend Alexandra who are at Camp Juice in Germany this week. And that Julia and Aidan would get a lot out of their portion of the conference. THANKS!