Daniel is home

Dec 6, 2004Family Uncaged

Will you join me in praising God?

Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

I received this today from Daniel Cole’s parents. I thought I would share a part of their letter:

“Saturday, we got the green light to bring him home. He was so happy to come home. We are checking his readings on a regular basis, and watching the sugar intake. Today we went to the park, fed the ducks, and while he wasn’t ready to go full bore, he took a stab at going down the slide a couple of times. We have received follow-up calls from the community nurse from the hospital, and we’ll be checking in each day as we develop a rhythm for his care.

Tonight, we put up the Christmas tree, and DC helped with putting on the lights and ornaments. DC sang ‘O Christmas Tree’. After reading him a story about Jay Jay, the Jet Plane, then praying, he asked for mommy and said, ‘goodnight Daddy, I love you’.

Just to let you all know again, thanks so much for your prayers. Our Heavenly Father comforted us during this time. We are thankful for you all, regardless of the miles.”

It’s words like these that make me wish I could hug Jesus, right here, right now.

Amen and Amen