Crazy is as Crazy does!

Apr 3, 2006Find joy today

I feel a bit nutty these days, getting ready for our first public service this Saturday, writing under deadline, and being away from home far too many days. In the last 36 days, I’ve been gone 20 of them, all for church-planting related business. I just want to be home, and, thankfully, I will be home until July when I venture to Denver for ICRS.

So, please, if you find the time, pray for us here on the Cote d’Azur, particularly for the first service:

  • That we’d enjoy this week of preparation.
  • That the sound equipment and video stuff all works together in blessed harmony.
  • That the worship would make God smile.
  • That the team coming over from Texas would be blessed.
  • That many would come to our first gathering.
  • That our team wouldn’t become weary.
  • That I’d find some rest in the midst of it all.
  • That our Texas Barbecue (on Sunday) would be well-received and well-attended.

We’re all looking forward to see what God will do here! It’s a crazy ride!