Crabby at the little things

Jun 29, 2007Archive

I’m no Alexander.

It’s only 7:43, so I can’t have a terrible-no-good-horrible-very-bad day, or however that goes. But let’s just say it didn’t start out so hot.

I pulled on my running gear and then had the brilliant thought, “Hey, I’ll take out the scale in the bathroom closet and see how much weight I’ve lost.”


Not the weight, yet, because I simply held the scale. Underneath it was a roach. A COCKROACH folks. ICK ICK ICK. Does this mean I need an exterminator? ICK!

You gotta love Texas. Or not.

So then, even after that omen, I stepped on the evil scale which, predictably, measured only the Chex mix I scarfed down yesterday, neglecting to show results from the running. Argh. Why do our naughty habits outweigh our good?

Then I logged on to the computer only to find someone unsubscribed to this blog. Why does that bother me? What does it matter? But to me, who has seen a cockroach and a stubborn weight, it meant everything. Besides, here’s the reason he/she gave for unsubcsribing:



It’s called RELEVANTblog, for goodness sake.

Maybe I’ve lost my touch.

No, I can’t have because I’m ITCHING like crazy. My whole body is one big itch needing to be scratched. I have no idea why. Maybe it’s the roaches.

Or maybe I should just crawl back into bed and call it a day.