Apr 24, 2007Archive

I posted an excerpt from my book Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God today on my Pioneer Parenting blog. As I re-read it, I felt the gentle nudge (conviction) of the Holy Spirit. My own words! Ouch!

My children are a gift from God. How often do I hurry through my days, forgetting their treasure? Even today, Sophie gave me a gift by sitting next to me while I sat at the computer. She had three fleeting minutes before she caught her bus bound to junior high (next year, the bus takes her to high school!). Did I cherish those minutes? Not enough. I found myself distracted about the words I needed to write. Oh Sophie, I’m sorry. You deserve more of my attention.

Oh dear Jesus, help me to see, really see, the holy of the day. To embrace the people You’ve populated my life with. May it be that the pull to produce words upon words would lessen its icy grip on my heart so it can be duly warmed by Your presence and the presence of others. Help me to engage, to love well, to be near, to actively hear. Amen and amen.