Contest: Star in the Everything book trailer!

Aug 2, 2012Everything book

I’m just so very excited about my book trailer for Everything. Why? Because YOU are going to be the stars! Woot!

Here’s how the contest will work (You must complete this by Wednesday August 15th. We’ll announce the winners the following week.)

  1. Video record yourself in a creative place (in a restaurant? on a park bench? riding a roller coaster? in the ocean?) with this wording, “Hi, I’m YOUR NAME from CITY, STATE (or CITY, COUNTRY), and Jesus became my everything when YOUR STORY OF HOW/WHEN JESUS BECAME YOUR EVERYTHING.” So, I might say, “Hi, I’m Mary DeMuth from Rockwall, Texas, and Jesus became my everything when I was fatherless at fifteen, and He promised to be the daddy who would never leave me.”
  2. Then post your video on your blog. You can write about what you’ve said too. Please provide a link back to this blog entry. And, if you’d be so kind, link to Amazon where folks can pre-order the book. Click here for the link. Or if you prefer, here it is to highlight and copy:
  3. Comment on this post with your link so we can view your work of amazing video geniusness!

Easy as 1-2-3!

But if you’re still confused, here’s an example for you!

Best practices:

  • Your video is of high quality. (Actually, we used my iphone for this video!)
  • Your story is compelling.
  • The location is cool.

Because of time restrictions, we’re not sure how many entries will make it into the video trailer, but we can say that if you’re selected, your original video will be a part of the Everything book trailer! Your fifteen minutes (er, 15 seconds) of fame awaits!