Confession of a Forty-Something: Weight Loss is Hard

Jan 1, 2010Find joy today

Yep, I’m trying to lose some extra weight that accumulated in Texas. In France I walked so much, I maintained a healthy, happy weight (and I was younger there), but now that I’ve hit the 40s and settled into a sedentary writer’s lifestyle, I’ve been frustrated that my clothes are tight. (Picture, me in France with kids three years ago).

So I’ve taken charge. I record my food intake every day at I try to exercise most days, and I’ve started working out with a personal trainer. So far so good. Two weeks = 4 pounds lost. And I’m getting stronger, eliminating most processed sugar (thanks to Truvia!), and feeling better.

This is a lifestyle change, not a diet. I’m an awful person when I’m hungry, so I eat when I’m hungry. I am adding more veggies and whole grains to my diet. And I limit my treats to dark, dark chocolate. (I also don’t drink my calories.) I’m also endeavoring to drink 8 glasses of water a day. That’s NOT easy for nonthirsty me. Seriously, I am NEVER thirsty. Drinking is something I have to force.

So today I feel pretty good about my progress. Tomorrow, maybe not. But if I put it out here, and if I keep writing down what I eat on Livestrong, chances are I’ll succeed.

How about you? How are you trying to maintain a healthy diet? What kind of exercise do you love? What healthy habit has helped you lose weight? (Please don’t comment like you’re an informercial, though!)