Complete Something & Experience Joy

Nov 29, 2011Find joy today

I’ve been thinking a lot about my business and some of my frustrations with it. And as I thought about it, I realized that what helps me stay joyful through the process of writing is a sense of completion. I don’t do well with open ends and tasks undone. And publishing is often nebulous that way. In marketing, for example, when have I ever completed it?

This applies to life too. This weekend I felt overwhelmed by my office. So much paper! So much clutter! Thankfully my daughter Sophie was home for the weekend and is also my assistant. She reorganized the closet that holds my inventory and I cleaned out my office. Three trash bags later, I feel so much better.

Which brings me to my encouragement to you. Choose something today or this week that symbolizes completion. Maybe it’s your junk drawer, or that pile of letters you’ve been meaning to write. Maybe it’s donating extra clothing that you keep hoping you’ll fit into. I find that de-cluttering is easier when you let go of aspirations. (Someday I’ll fit into this. Maybe someday I’ll read this. Next year I’ll use this exercise equipment.) If you’re not currently utilizing something, let it go.





There is freedom found in completion. And even more in letting go. So find a relatively quick task this week. Complete it. Cross it blessedly off your list. And if your task involves getting rid of clutter, all the better.