Her Child was Sexually Abused

Sep 3, 2013Find joy today, Heal from the past

The following is a letter a dear friend of mine sent to her friends. They’ve walked through something NONE of us want to walk through, a sexual assault on one of their children. She’s heartily agreed to let me share this letter with you. I’m humbled by her help in getting the word out about Not Marked, but far more than that, I’m grateful I could be a part of the healing process. (Some of the identifying information has been changed).


Hey Friends,

Yes, we are still on the road. Currently we are at the mission base in (name of country) but we head to (another city) Saturday night. I currently only have my cell phone or I would be sending this message to everyone I know. However with a few, much can be accomplished. With that said….

I rarely forward messages and even more rarely do I ask you to read, pray and ask The Lord how you can partner with a ministry outside of ours- after all, it seems as if my life is a continual state of fund raising. Drum roll, please..,

As most of you know a member of our family was sexually molested a few years ago. We haven’t spoken much about it because its still in the court system. This had slowed the healing down because it had caused the crime to remain in darkness. It had enabled the shame to get an ugly foot hold.

This summer the shame has been broken and our family really began to heal. (More on this to follow as we saw God release healing as we stepped out to follow him then to an unknown location. Now known as Name of City.) The healing was due to the fact that we were able to begin speaking about it and allowing God to bring healing. It’s a long journey of restoring what the enemy tried to steal but God already has the victory in Christ. We keep looking to him for everything.

We learned during our experience with sexual abuse recovery that very little has been written for survivors from a Biblical perspective. Below is an email that I would like you to prayerfully read. A friend of mine from Dallas Seminary days has become a very well known author and speaker. Her newest book is one she is self publishing. She explains why in the email. Not only does it need funding but it needs prayer backing. This book in the hands of victims, family members and those that work with abused people will find a tool that God will use to bring hope and healing to those whom have lost their voice.

While I haven’t read the book yet, I know Mary DeMuth personally. In fact, Mary was one of the first people I called when I learned about what happened to one of our children. Mary has walked this road of healing. She walked this road of healing because Jesus stepped in and held her broken heart and body. He used her writing and speaking over the years as segway to regain her voice some neighborhood boys stole from her when she was 5 years old. Mary DeMuth speaks as one that is no longer marked by sexual abuse. She speaks with authority because The One the created her gifted her with the ability to use words, spoken and written, to set captives free.

This book will make a difference in so many lives for now and for eternity. Will you be a part of it? I will.

Thank you and I am so thankful for each of you that I have sent this to. Gods family is amazing. There WILL be a day where every tear will be wiped away and we will worshipping our God around the throne of heaven. Holy. Holy. Holy.


(Name of my awesome friend)

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