Replace the Words and Change Your Life

Feb 19, 2014Heal from the past

At the If: Gathering a week and a half ago, speaker Bianca Olthoff shared the familiar phrase, “Hurt people hurt people.” But then she said this: “Freed people free people,” and oh how I resonated.

You may have hurt or damaged others. Others may have hurt or damaged you. But because of Jesus, that is not your fate. You don’t have to resign yourself to messing up others or wallowing in the mess from the past (click to tweet).

Yes, it’s true. Hurt people hurt people. Damaged people damage people. Messed up people mess with people.

But it’s even more true that Jesus trumps all that hurt, damage and mess.

After I heard her say, “Freed people free people,” I wrote a few more truths. Let them sink into you today.


Healed people heal people.

Reconciled people reconcile people.

Loved people love people.

Joyful people enjoy people.

Renewed people renew people.

Graced people grace people.

Hope-filled people instill hope in people.

Open people open people.

Mended people mend people.

Soothed people soothe people.

Rejuvenated people rejuvenate people.

Improved people improve people.

Restored people restore people.

Cheerful people cheer people.

Revived people revive people.

Delighted people delight people.


Go ahead, replace the words right now, the words that defined your life in the past. Damaged. Messy. Broken. Hurt. Deconstructed. Maligned. Hopeless. Unregenerate. Mistake.

Replace them with some of the words above. Renewed. Delighted. Healed. Restored. Rejuvenated. Revived.

As God turns your damage to healing, a cool thing happens. You become not only the awesome thing, but you then emerge as an agent of healing for others.

Your turn> What words have you lived under? And what amazing words are true about you today?

Fill it in: ____________ people ______________ people.