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Feb 10, 2014Find joy today, Heal from the past, Not Marked

Today is the day. The official day Not Marked releases. I’m full of fear and excitement and a little heartburn (if you want true honesty). The book started from a viral blog post, morphed into something I pitched to publishers (they said no), became a crowdfunding campaign (you said YES), and is now a book I can hold in my hands (and now you can too).

Today is also my birthday. I’m 23-24, for anyone who needs to know. 🙂 As I write this, I  am profoundly, deeply aware of God’s purpose and healing in my life. I give Jesus so much glory for the way He has walked me through my adulthood as I’ve processed the past. I’m less afraid today. I’m more compassionate. I’m less broken. I’m more hopeful.

In six more days is my husband Patrick’s birthday. He has walked me through this healing journey on so many trails, during so many trials, up and down mountain peaks, through many valleys. He has also graciously contributed to Not Marked. Watch what he has to say:

Let’s be honest here: This book (the writing of it, the funding, and now the promotion) is KICKING my behind. I’ve battled more insecurity, feelings of being totally overwhelmed, and fear than I have ever experienced in all my book launches. I know this book will bring light into a situation Satan would like to keep firmly in the darkness. The battle is real. But the warfare I’ve experienced has been much more inside me, wanting to give up this writing journey.

Spending myself on the page like this has spent me. {Prayers appreciated}.

I’m grateful that folks are beginning (muddling in the middle, finishing) their healing journey because of Not Marked. Here are some recent testimonies:

“I’m hooked up to low dose chemo right now, but I couldn’t let another moment pass. Your book Not Marked is life changing! You have gone places I thought only existed in my head! I love you and your courage to bleed on these pages.” Angie

“My husband read Not Marked in two evenings. He was, in his words, ravenous for it. His heart broke, but he was filled with hope. Both he and I were sexually abused. There’s more to it — there always is. But suffice it to say, he was reading it with two perspectives — survivor and married to a survivor. He has never really been able to understand my struggles with intimacy and your book has opened his eyes in a new way. Patrick’s words of encouragement were powerful and encouraging to him.” Anonymous

“I took advantage of the cold weather and dug into Not Marked tonight. I could circle, highlight, underline, and stain each page with my tears. This book is powerful! Thank you for writing a book that has the Holy Spirit’s fresh breath of love and healing woven through each page. Joining you in prayer for healing to all who will pursue it from God. God knew I needed this and I believe I am not alone with the need.” Anonymous

So, I’m really excited for YOU to have a copy. This book has two audiences:

  1. The person who has been sexually abused.
  2. The person who loves a sexual abuse victim.

Which means, Not Marked is for nearly all of you reading this. In an effort to get it into the hands of many who need it, I’m running a little special this week until next Monday–a full week of blessing.

If you buy this book, send the receipt to and we will send you four helpful resources (An audio retreat and three ebooks) worth $80.91. All of these products have one goal in mind: to help you HEAL from the past. You are also absolutely free to pass these resources on to someone who may need them. Let the freedom begin!

Here are the $80.91 worth of freebies you’ll receive:

These six audio sessions will help you get past your past. I tell my story accompanied by teaching and biblical truth. All six messages ask you life-changing questions and offer hope for the future. Read more about the audio retreat here.

Live Uncaged started as a compilation of all my posts on healing from the past. That morphed into a real, live book–95 pages of wisdom, hard won, ripped from the headlines of my life. It’s my great, big wish that you’d find soaring healing, deep freedom, and the uncaged life you’ve longed for. Find out more about Live Uncaged here.

This novel displays the healing journey from sexual abuse in story form. Read more about Watching the Tree Limbs here.

This is the follow-up novel to the critically praised Watching the Tree Limbs where the main character has to navigate her first romance in the aftermath of abuse. Read more about Wishing on Dandelions here.

To recap, buy Not Marked (Feb 10-17 only) by clicking this button.


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Thank you for all your prayers and support over this past year. This has been an amazing journey, and I can’t believe it’s coming to fruition! You are such a blessing to me!