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Sep 18, 2012Everything book

Super fun thing: You can read Everything before anyone else does! Here’s how:

We’re doing a two-day, 48-hour extravaganza for the sake of pre-ordering my upcoming book, Everything. Why? Mainly as an experiment to see if it helps jumpstart sales when the book releases October 16th. And for your part in the fun, you’ll receive some cool freebies from me worth $69.98, including an exclusive PDF of Everything. Which means you get to read it a full month before it releases!

If it’s scary to buy a book you know nothing about, you can take a test drive. Read the introduction and chapter one here.

But before we start all that, let’s look at the Everything trailer! Yay!

In Everything, you’ll learn how to make Jesus your everything. The secret? Give Him everything (including control!) and receive everything He has to offer. If you’d like to read the endorsements, click here. 

But here’s one just to whet your appetite:

“More than ever, we crave spiritual leadership not from academics in ivory towers but from battle-tested disciples in the trenches. This is the trusted counselor we find in Mary DeMuth. With wisdom and experience and tenderness and beauty, she leads us closer to Jesus in Everything—through despair, past fear, beyond control, and all the way to surrender.“

—Jen Hatmaker, best-selling author of Interrupted and 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess

Here’s how the preorder campaign will work. Simply pre-purchase Everything tomorrow or Thursday (September 19 & 20) from an online retailer and email your receipt to You’ll receive a link to a download landing page manned by Thomas Nelson. They’ll ask for some minimal info (in order to track the efficacy of the campaign) and you’ll have access to these freebies. Simple as that.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • An exclusive PDF of Everything ($9.99 value) a month before it releases. If you’ve been reading the quotes shared by the Everything Launch Team, and you’ve been meaning to read it, here’s your chance to read it now!
  • One free month to the Bestseller Society Mastermind membership. ($55 value). This is like getting a writers conference in a box, all in one blessed place, for free. If you’ve not been able to afford a writers conference, the Bestseller Society will fill that need. There’s hundreds of hours of instruction offered (video, audio, downloads) for nonfiction, fiction and marketing. If you hop on over to the Nonfiction Academy, you can watch 15 hours of me sharing everything I know about how to write books like Everything--and get them published!
  • The 11 Secrets of Getting Published (ebook). ($4.99 value) This is my magnum opus about publishing–every. single. thing. I know about publishing, writing, and marketing. It’s basically a download of my 22-year journey of publishing.

If you’d like to receive these gifts, purchase Everything tomorrow and Thursday (September 19 & 20) and forward the receipt to

Here are some places to pre-purchase:

Blessings! And many, many thanks!
Mary DeMuth