Jul 23, 2005Write!

I got an article assignment this morning—1800 words—to turn around in a week. That would be fine, if I didn’t have a chapter to write, a novel to plow through, children to feed, a church to plant, toilets to clean, and a cough to get rid of.

So, what did I do? I forsook going to the MEDITERRANEAN SEA (yep, you read that right) so I could stay home and write about instilling core beliefs in my children. So, my cute children are frolicking in the sea (yes, I make my girls wear tops—we’re not THAT acculturated!) and I am here at the computer cranking out words. Without my children. Wahhhhh.

By God’s grace, I made it through the article. I started by praying. The Lord gave me a gentle reminder about my daughter Sophie learning to love her enemies that became my introduction. I typed each subject head and then just made myself write under each heading. Eventually, I finished.

Writing, even though I feel God’s pleasure when I do it, is oftentimes just a lot of plain hard work. It’s loads of BOC (buttocks on chair) time. Sometimes it’s forsaking an outing in lieu of a deadline. I guess that’s why we have to have the passion, or we’d grow weary.

Warmly (literally!),
relevantgirl in Southern France