Going Forward


When I think of these days, of men and women who have allowed (welcomed, in some cases) and covered up abuse, I picture that scene in the Gospels where Jesus takes a cord to the Temple merchandisers–His wrath preserved for people trying to profit on the Temple, making His house a den of thieves. Because […]

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The Seven Deadly Friendships Launch Team


Thanks for your interest in being on The Seven Deadly Friendships Launch Team! Before you sign up, please review the launch team promise below: I promise to read The Seven Deadly Friendships. I promise to write a review somewhere on the Internets. I promise to participate in the Facebook group with intention and joy. I […]

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An open letter to the SBC


Dear SBC (Southern Baptist Convention #SBC18), I spent this morning praying, asking God to please reveal Himself to the people I love, entreating Him to sift me, confessing my sins and thanking Him over and over again for His grace and mercy. I write this while on vacation, burdened again by difficult news coming from […]

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Happy National Day of Prayer


On this National Day of Prayer, what better way to celebrate than to be prayed for? If you feel broken and needy and maybe even have a hard time asking others to pray for you, here’s a safe way to actually be prayed for every day this year. To do that, go here:   MY […]

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Why I give You Flowers Today


When I was an elementary school student, I remember May 1st fondly. We typically stapled decorated paper cones, then filled them with flowers. After school, we were to surprise a neighbor or friend by hanging that flower-filled cone onto someone’s doorknob. It was the reverse of “ding dong ditch” where someone rings the doorbell and […]

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Sexual Abusers are Masters at Deception


While all the recent rashes of sexual abuse/crime/assault/harassment allegations against pastors (this or  this or this or this or this or this) has deeply grieved me, it does not surprise me. When I had the opportunity to learn from other experts in this space, I had the privilege of hearing from Jimmy Hinton who, along with […]

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Coveting is a big deal


But we don’t talk about it. I’m reading through Romans every day in preparation for a book I’m writing. Recently I made the connection between Romans 7:7 and 13:9: Well then, am I suggesting that the law of God is sinful? Of course not! In fact, it was the law that showed me my sin. […]

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When Leaders Fall


I’m sitting in my bed, second day in a row, battling the bronchitis beast that seems to have the most tenacious claws into my lungs. I’m tired of coughing. I’m tired of feeling sick. But that same overwhelm hits me square in the chest when it comes to the recent (many) high profile falls in […]

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Vote for your favorite art


A little art shop is in the works, and I would so appreciate your help. What are your top three favorites? Vote in the comments.  

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Sexual Abuse and Porn – A Correlation


I’ve been meaning to write this post a long time, but as you can imagine, it’s not exactly the easiest can of worms to open. I’ll start with my own story, a painful one to admit, told stark on the page of my memoir, Thin Places. Early on, my father dulls me to the dangers […]

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