A Worthy Gift

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My nephew Vegas is an amazing kid. (Yes, I happen to be biased, but I also really love his brothers and sisters too, oh, and his parents). My sister Shelley and her husband Tim are musicians, artsy to the core, but they also have strong fidelity to Jesus. The entire family inspires me. They create […]

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Sexual Abuse Survivor? Get your FREE healing series.

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Broken by past sexual abuse? I hear you. I see you. I understand. I’ve walked this shard-laden journey too. And I’ve learned a lot about the healing journey. (I still struggle, though. I don’t want you to think I’ve “arrived.”)   If you’re struggling to make sense of it all, if you trigger when someone […]

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When We Neglect the Millstone We Cast Stones at Survivors


“Ministries that cover up sexual abuse are not ministries at all. Their silence allows evil to thrive. They do not represent Jesus.” I posted this quote recently, and I received many positive comments. But one of the comments put a burr in my saddle. The person wrote: “Correct , but we are not to be […]

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I believe you


Let’s not be flippant with someone else’s trauma. I thought I was *fine* when I returned to the locale of my yearlong rapes (I was 5 when it happened, went there over 45 years later). I smiled in pictures. Thanked God for the victory. One hour later I could NOT STOP throwing up. For hours. […]

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Vulnerability after a Friend Breakup


Yesterday my 36th book released, The Seven Deadly Friendships, and it has popsicles on the cover: Maybe you’ve felt like one of those popsicles. That someone has hurt you. They’ve eaten away at your joy, and snapped your heart in two. I’ve certainly experienced that. A few years ago, I prayed for a friend. I longed […]

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The Why


TODAY, my 36th book releases. It’s called The Seven Deadly Friendships. Way back when, well, you know the story–in the popsicle stains of childhood, I experienced some difficult relationships. Those raising me had some interesting tendencies. Predatory ones. Narcissistic ones. My father sexually groomed me. Others would forget I existed. (I have worked through forgiving […]

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When Facebook Friends Fight


I read this post last Spring and asked the author if I could feature it here as The Seven Deadly Friendships released.   The person agreed as long as I used a pseudonym. So this helpful post is written by Benjamin Tatian. Benjamin titled it: Judgment, Conflict and Vulnerability Dear Friends— A little over a […]

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Hard Friendships: When to Stay


This is a guest post by Virginia Garrett originally title The Friend You Need to Hang on to. I loved it so much in the Spring that I asked her if I could repost it here with her permission. She said YES. It relates so beautifully to my upcoming book The Seven Deadly Friendships! … […]

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I can attest that one person’s few minutes of predatory behavior does harm someone else–for years. Some of you have questioned whether I’ve healed, and some have told me to move on. Others have judged me for not coming forward immediately (not knowing that I did). One commenter wrote this: “Sorry to hear about your […]

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Be Wise about Repentant Predators


We’ve possibly grown numb to the cavalcade of abuse allegations both within and outside the church. Recently the Grand Jury investigation in Pennsylvania went public. Willow Creek is reeling in the aftermath of allegations against its founder, Bill Hybels. A well known missions agency is dealing with one woman’s painful story of one of their […]

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