Beautiful Book: The Passion of Mary-Margaret by Lisa Samson

May 27, 2009Write!

I adored this book.


  • It reminded me of Marilynn Robinson’s Gilead.
  • The voicing of Mary-Margaret and each character was completely distinct and beautiful.
  • Though not necessarily a suspenseful book, I couldn’t wait to turn the page.
  • The language was stunning. Sometimes I would read a sentence, then put the book down, wondering how Lisa could conjure up such beauty. Her words took my breath away.
  • The story was redemptive, surprising, and invitational.
  • The way Lisa wove the story stunned me. She made me want to write better books. That doesn’t happen to me often.

Here are some examples of breathless writing:

  • I wrung out the sponge and began circling it atop the tables, the pristine aroma of the lemon detergent released into the air, the sponge leaving a shining wake. (p. 108)
  • Lindelle nodded and looked up at me, blue eyes shattered into too many pieces for a human to count. (p. 137).
  • Now, I don’t mean to be proud, but white Maryland sweet corn on the cob, the kind we call Silver Queen, is quite possibly the best corn on the cob you[‘ll ever eat. Uniform kernels, so sweet that the sugar juice bursts from the kernel, mixes with the butter and salt, and if you weren’t holding the steaming cob, you’d clap. (p. 212).

Folks, if you love beautiful writing, a great story, and unforgettable characters, buy this book!