Be Like Bob Lepine and Change Someone’s Life

May 7, 2012Heal from the past

So I’m sure that Bob Lepine doesn’t remember this at all. We met a total of one time when I recorded a two-part interview with FamilyLife about my book Building the Christian Family You Never Had. You can read a transcript of the talk here.

After our recording session, Bob pulled me aside and said something like, “Mary, you have a rare gift for speaking the truth, for endearing others to yourself.” He said more, but those first words pulled me closer to Jesus. Having someone in the field recognize a gifting, using the word “rare,” deeply encouraged me. I tucked his words away in a back pocket of my heart.

Every once in awhile I pull them out, and wonder at all that God has done.

Last week, I had the privilege of attending the SCORRE conference. Bob’s words came back to me as I heard constructive (and important) feedback about my speaking. When I felt small, God flooded his words back to me. And I felt encouraged. I felt like I’d been on a journey where God gave me sweet crumbs along the way–Bob’s words, others’ words, the words of my coach, Curtis Fletcher, at the conference.

I don’t write this to toot my speaking horn. Not at all. We all have God-breathed talents. Playing piano, running fast, and yodeling are NOT my talents. They might be yours. My point is this: Bob’s words seeped into my soul, and they emerged at the perfect time.

So let’s reverse this.

Let’s not run around like crazy people trying to be noticed by Bob Lepine. Instead, let’s BE Bob Lepine. Let’s move outside of our own worlds, our own insecurity, our own needs and actively find people to encourage.

This means listening and watching and asking God for opportunities to bless others. It means seeing my friend Phyllis and sending her an email when I feel God’s great love for her overflow to me. She is beautiful and sacrificial and she has many many gifts. It was a blessing to point those out to her.

So look around today. Find a person who exhibits something special. Then be Bob Lepine to him or her.

I triple dog dare you.

Who has been a Bob Lepine to you? How have you been a Bob Lepine?