Awesome Family Pictures!

Aug 16, 2011Archive

Not to say we are awesome, but my dear friend Tina Miller Howard of Fall Meadow Photography did an amazing job on our family pictures. In fact, they’re the best photos we’ve ever had taken of our family. Thank you, Tina!

This is my favorite. We look like we’re posing for a TV show. “The DeMuths…a miniseries.”

Oh how I love these kids. Aren’t they amazing?

My beautiful daughter Sophie who leaves for college in four short, short, short days.

Aidan being tough.

Julia looks pretty in turquoise, don’t you think?

This is about as close as my two guys get in terms of conflict. They get along really well.

The DeMuth girls.

Yep that’s me. Some have said I look like Laura Dern.

Hubby Patrick. Some (more) have said he looks like George Clooney. So together, we’re a celebrity couple!

I love this picture of Aidan.

The DeMuths have cute legs! 🙂

Walking in downtown Rockwall.

I love this picture of the two of us.

I love this picture even more.

She’s good at posing!


Our family on the steps of an old church.

And last but not least, my beautiful children.