The Artsy Lent Adventure

Feb 18, 2015Kingdom Uncaged

Today I’m starting an adventure. I’m not taking away from my life this lenten season, I’m adding to it. I’ve felt the siren call to art my whole life. I gravitate toward design, dabble in photography, and have what can only be called an obsessive relationship with fonts. But I seldom allow myself to create in this way.

So for Lent, I’m grabbing this moleskine notebook, a few permanent and watercolor pens, and having at it.

Last week I prepped by creating this:


My work (as you notice above) won’t be perfect. The fonts won’t be consistent or straight-lined. But it will be honest and full of joy.

Stay tuned. I may or may not post every picture, but when I do, I hope my wee little creations bless you.


What are you doing for LENT?