Art as Life Therapy

Aug 30, 2011Find joy today

Last Thursday night, four friends embarked on a journey of art and escape. I think we all agreed that getting away from the crazies of life did good to our souls. We spent two+ hours at Painting with a Twist, and we had far too much fun!

As I spread paint on canvas, suddenly I wasn’t worrying about money or to-do lists or anything other than blue paint streaking in front of me. Art captivated me and time flew by. Surrounded by friends, our banter was light and casual and funny and joyful. Oh how I needed that.

So, yeah, I see art like this as therapy. The question is: Why don’t I allow myself to do this more often? And what about you? What holds you back from indulging in something creative?

If you’d like to see our pictures, click the continue button below.

Budding artists, me and Twilla (although Twilla actually IS an artist.) I am certainly still budding.

Shelly and Kim, aprons and paint brushes on alert and ready.

The background of my canvas. So much fun to cover it with blue.


And my final project. It’s flawed and a bit messy, but I love it.

All of us with our masterpieces.