Apply to be a part of the Everything Launch Team!

Jul 31, 2012Everything book, Heal from the past

Though the launch of Everything is not until October, I’d love to start getting the word out.

Here are a couple of endorsements to whet your appetite:

In her book, Everything, Mary DeMuth speaks with a strong voice and a sound theology. With every chapter, she simply points us to the fullness of Jesus in all things. She writes like a friend, like a fellow struggler and straggler and I find myself nodding the whole way through — a perfect book to put in the “truths I don’t want to forget” section of your library. -Emily P. Freeman, author of Grace for the Good Girl


“A cascade of words rush into my mind when I think about this remarkable book: Real, motivating, insightful, powerful, encouraging. Mary writes with amazing grace and truth. I tend to measure a book’s value by how much I’ve highlighted. I went through two highlighters on this one! If you want to understand what it takes for Jesus to be your everything, then Everything is a must read.” –Kurt Bubna, lead pastor of Eastpoint Church


“Everyone who knows Mary agrees on these two things: She’s real in her writing and relentless in the way she runs after her Savior. She’s exactly the person to write a book about an all-in relationship with Jesus. With raw honesty, Mary opens up her story and invites you in to learn what God has shown her. And with gritty grace she helps you embrace your own story, to believe it can be redeemed. Read and be reminded that God is abundantly able to set you free to be everything He intended you to be.” —Susie Larson, radio host of Live the Promise and author of The Uncommon Woman and Your Beautiful Purpose


“With an abundance of Scripture and excellent discussion questions, Mary DeMuth’s book Everything makes for a perfect small group book study. Mary’s storytelling style with a depth of life experiences kept me engaged throughout. Mary is gifted with much wisdom.”—Mark Randall, chaplain at Athletes in Action and ordained minister at Evangelical Church Alliance


Part of that task is forming a 100-member launch team. I had the privilege of being on Michael Hyatt’s launch team–a true blessing. Why? Because I had the opportunity to interact with some amazing people, and had insider information on the book’s release. So what’s in it for you, if you’re selected? A few things:

  • A free PDF of Everything months before it’s released. (You can be a part of the cool people who know stuff before stuff can be known,)
  • An exclusive Facebook group just for launch team members. (And I promise, we will have fun, fun, fun.)
  • My undying, joyful gratitude, and my firstborn child. (Oops, maybe I should ask her first…)
  • Mention of your blog or website here on (Woot! Free advertising!)

If this interests you, and you want to be a part of launching Everything (which sounds sort of cool if you think about it…how many of you have launched EVERYTHING? Makes me think of a trebuchet.), then fill out the form below to be considered. An independent team of monkeys (well, they’re actually people) will select 100 folks.Blessings and joy!


And may Jesus truly be your everything!