Angels and Demons: Why do angels seem rare?

Feb 4, 2011Kingdom Uncaged

When I was a single missionary in Malaysia, I may have encountered an angel.

I stood alone on the train platform in Singapore after a 5-week-long mission trip to Kuala Lumpur where I helped manage a YWAM dance team, spoke, and sang (and got super sick). Now on the platform, I needed to find a taxi to a remote, obscure missionary compound. Others warned me that most Singapore taxi drivers couldn’t find it, but that information was of little use to me, as there were no taxis running at that hour anyway.

A tiny Chinese woman approached me.

She told me she’d find a taxi. She left. I stood alone, praying, hoping she wasn’t a foe. A few minutes later, a taxi backed up the road toward me. I stood next to it while the woman hefted my overlarge bag into the taxi’s trunk as if the load were as light as a box of cereal. Perplexing.

Then she barked a few words to the taxi driver in Chinese indicating where he should go. I’d only briefly told her the whereabouts of the compound. The driver nodded. Then she shut me in the taxi. I turned to watch the driver for a second, then looked behind my shoulder to wave to the sweet, yet strong lady who helped me. But the train station and the road where she should’ve been stood empty.

She could’ve been an angel.

As I researched the spiritual warfare book, I learned a lot about angelic and demonic hosts, and the question came to me: Why is it that we tend to see the effects of demons but we seldom hear stories of angels? Of course my inklings aren’t scientific, but on the whole, it seems we tend to see more manifestations of evil.

Then I thought about it further, and I realized that perhaps angels don’t run around manifesting themselves to us because they are under the submission of God. By nature, they’re submissive creatures, ecstatic about God’s renown, not their own.

But demons, though under a hierarchy, are by nature self-gratifying. They’re about themselves, their glory, their fame. And they’re bullies. Loud bullies.

Angels protect, intercede, and submit to God’s sovereign plan.They don’t need the spotlight.

It’s just a theory. I could be wrong. But it’s something to think about.


Have you seen an angel?