An outrageous gift

Jan 23, 2012Heal from the past

God is mindful.

Let that sink way deep into your marrow today. Choose to believe it. He sees. He knows. He is available.

I learned that last week when I received a surprise package in the mail. It was from one of my readers, and it contained a beautifully sewn purse, along with life-giving words.

Here’s the interior of the purse:

And here’s a detail of the stitching:

She wrote that the straight stitching was “for the path He calls us all to walk as we follow. The zigzag was “for the mountains and valleys in life that refine us. The stitching you see here that looks like a maze was for “the craziness life throws at us, the flexibility we gain and understanding for others.” And the spirals (not shown) were for “our walk as we move even closer to Him.”

Thank You Jesus for seeing. For knowing how much a tangible, handmade gift would encourage me.

Q4u: What was the most outrageous gift someone gave you? Or what’s the most outrageous gift you’ve given?