An important post to read

Jun 7, 2009Heal from the past

“The Elephant in the Room” is my recent addition to Christian Fiction Online magazine. It wasn’t easy to write, nor was the wisdom gained easily won. Here’s the skinny: In this business (or any business you’ll be a part of), you will interact with people of the opposite sex either in person or via email. How you decide to handle your interactions is up to you. But you must be purposeful and honest. Brutally honest.

There are some of you out there reading this post who are caught up in the ecstasy of an emotional affair over email. Some of you are cheating on your spouses in your head. Some of you are physically cheating on your spouses. All within the Christian writing community. And perhaps you’ve justified it. Or hidden it. Or are totally scared and worried that you’ll get found out.

Here’s the truth. You will get found out one way or another. It’s better now to come clean and practice authenticity and repentance and restoration.

If you’d like to read what I’ve learned about this touchy, sensitive issue, you can read the article here.