Nov 1, 2005Family Uncaged

So, yeah. I woke up this morning happy that today was the day Patrick would be home. I’d cleaned and cleaned. I’d even prepared a crockpot meal (Moroccan chicken with apricots) and an apple pie (not sure how North African chicken and North American apple pie mix, but hey, I’ve been tired. My brain isn’t thinking so well) so that when we came home from the airport, the dinner would be made and we could relax and enjoy our evening.

Then I turned on the computer.

He won’t be here until THURSDAY!!! As in TWO days from now.

NOOOOOOO, I yelled at my computer.

YEEESSSSSS, it yelled back.

There was a poopy storm in Dallas that delayed Patrick’s departure four hours. Which made him miss his connection in NY. And the first they could fly him out was Wednesday night, which got him here Thursday evening.

Julia has cried off and on today. Aidan seems a bit somber. When I told Sophie, she said, “It’s not faaaaiiiiirrr.”

So, I’m having an IHAA day. I-HATE-AMERICAN-AIRLINES day. Maybe an AA search engine will pick up my inflammatory post and offer Patrick passage on a Lear jet. Ha!

So, Patrick is staying in an airport hotel in NY. The airlines have lost both bags. I’m sure there will be some redemption in all this, but right now I’m just plain sad and crabby. Thankfully, we have good friends in NY, so Patrick will have people to be with.

But I want him to be with US!!! Two weeks is too long to be apart.


Please pray he comes home without a hitch.