Alice Crider: Uncaged and Blessedly Free

Feb 23, 2012Heal from the past

I’m grateful to have a dear, dear friend here who I greatly respect and adore. Her name is Alice Crider and she’s a writing coach!

Be blessed!

What would it look like for you to live uncaged in 2012?

Ah, to live uncaged, unrestrained, truly liberated from all constraints! To me, that would look like a year of abundance and freedom. Abundant growth, abundant joy, abundant peace. I would be free to be my best in every situation and relationship. Free to speak the truth and love with abandon. Free to soar to the heights God intends for me.What has prevented you from living a truly free and unencumbered life in the past?

Regrets from past choices, resentment toward others, and uncertainties about my future used to keep me from living free and unencumbered.

Give my readers advice. What’s one practical thing they can do this year to live uncaged? (This can be silly like dancing in the rain or serious like eat more chocolate.)

Let go of the past. It doesn’t exist anyway! You can’t change past circumstances any more than you can change what you ate for lunch yesterday. Enjoy the present, because the future isn’t a destination. Be grateful for how your life is—and how it isn’t—today.

 Who in your life is an excellent example of living uncaged? Why?

My dog Eli is an excellent example of living uncaged. He’s grateful for every meal, every scratch behind the ears, every walk we take together. He loves unconditionally and he keeps no record of wrongs. He doesn’t beat himself up for poor choices because failure never occurs to him. He’s not a bit concerned for his future. He doesn’t lose sleep over whether or not other dogs like him. Every day is a new adventure in Eli’s life!

If you could design a Live Uncaged sweatshirt, what would it look like?

It would look something like this:

        Forgive. Love. Trust.


Live Uncaged!