Alas! My worries are over!

Aug 29, 2007Archive

What a miracle, folks! Can you believe it? I got this in my inbox today!

From: Halem & Larisia KwesaDearest One,Good day, I am contacting you to assist us transfer USD $11.5 Million Dollars the money I inherited from my Late Father,which he made from the sale of Crude Oil Business. I am Halem and my sister name is Larisia the children of the late DR.MICHEAL KWESA. We are looking for a person that will stand in as our Guidian and help us invest in a business in your country where we can get a reasonable interest rate in your Company under your Management while we continue our education.Many thanks to you if you can help me as I would compensate you with a good percentage of the money which is negotiable after the money has been successfully moved into your account. I am waiting for your urgent reply. Thanks and God Bless you as I wait for your urgent reply for more details. Yours Respectfully, Halem & Larisia Kwesa

Gee, what an opportunity! I’m so glad they found me. (written with sly tongue in cheek).