Ah, yes, teachers in France

May 17, 2006Family Uncaged

The other day, Sophie said, “My teacher wrote mean comments on my test.”

“Oh really? Can I see it?”

“Yes,” she said, handing me her paper.

And this is what it said: “Well, you can easily see why you did not receive the excellent mark expected of you, Sophie! A pity!”

I growled. Truly. The school system here is based more on intimidation and discouragement–a real change from the sometimes over-nurturing American system. Teachers read failing grades in front of the class. Some make fun of kids. We’ve seen it happen to all three of our children.

I truly, truly don’t understand it. I want to adapt to this culture, but this school system makes me angry. (I’m just sharing my honest perspective here.) Thankfully, our children have miraculously weathered these barbs with grace and perseverance.