Ah, the Writerly Life

Nov 14, 2006Archive

Perhaps I should entitle this post THE AGONY AND THE ECSTASY!

I’m writing a fiction book right now. I’m really enjoying getting to know my characters. Sometimes they talk to me in a flurry and it’s all I can do to get the words out fast enough. That was yesterday when the word count goal was blessedly met by 10 AM. 10 AM folks! I’m trying to write 2,000 words a day, but some days are better than others.

Today? Not so much.

It’s nearly noon and I have 800 pesky words to go. In the meantime I dawdle:

  • I check and recheck the hotel I’m placing my characters in. It’s really pretty. You should take a look.
  • I skype my friend Heather Cady.
  • I post my short story entitled, “The Three Little Authors,” over at The Master’s Artist.
  • I send my friend Sandi an ecard that totally cracks me up. Goodbye Dayspring ecards, hello Hoops and Yo-Yo!
  • I get tempted by spider solitaire.
  • I write this blog.
  • I go to the bathroom.
  • I write a few more words, then check the word count feature. Drat! Only ten more words! Will it ever end?
  • I think about how I will go about making cabbage roll ups for dinner.
  • I look out the window, marveling at the blue, blue sky and the happy French sun.
  • I answer a few straggling emails.
  • I listen to my stomach growl.
  • I add a few points to my “Things to Remember” list about the book I’m writing. Because I’m a SOTP (seat-of-the-pants) novelist, I have to jot myself lists so I ‘ll remember things, like what color Laura’s eyes are, or whether Dom should know a secret or not.
  • I re-read Jen’s email about locales in Paris. She’s my cute Paris missionary friend who is helping me with the setting of this book.
  • I read the blogs in my blogline.

Ack! I need to get back to the program, folks!!! What is wrong with my wandering brain? OK. I can do this. 800 more words. 799. 798. 797. It’s just a matter of BOC (behind on chair). So without further ado, I shall leave thee, gentle reader, and sitteth my backside uponeth my swiveling chair and peck out 800 breathtaking (!) words.