A Wonderful EBook by MaryBeth Whalen

Nov 22, 2007Archive

MaryBeth Whalen was kind enough to send me her ebook entitled JOY for review. I’m so glad she did! Chock full of recipes, ideas, and Christmas fun, this book is a bargain at $9.95. It’s a downloadable ebook with over 70 pages. You can order yours at her website. Just click on the right hand side of the site on the JOY picture.

MaryBeth does a great job describing her book. Here’s the skinny straight from her pen:

You have probably heard it said that JOY means Jesus, Others, and Yourself—in that order. But what does that look like at Christmas? This book is filled with thoughts on how to include all three components— including making time for yourself! I hope that by using this “recipe” throughout the Christmas season, you will find true JOY and your family will reap the benefits.

For years, I thought that if I just did enough and strived hard enough, my family’s Christmas would be that picture-perfect, Norman Rockwell Christmas I desired. But then reality inserted itself in the form of illnesses and bills, bad attitudes and exhaustion. I realized that I needed to lay down my ideal Christmas and allow Jesus to reveal what He had for me through the season.

And so, I am including amidst all the recipes and ideas some thoughts, some scriptures, some things to ponder. I hope that this will be a book you come back to year after year to enjoy and learn from.

Here is an overview of what you will find in this book:

  • how to make Jesus the center of your Christmas
  • a complete menu for Christmas dinner and a traditional New Year’s Day meal (with recipe’s!)
  • a week by week checklist for organizing your Christmas
  • helpful websites
  • suggestions for easy meals on those busy nights
  • how to observe advent in a way that will work for your situation
  • ideas for decorating for Christmas and instructions for gifts you can make
  • many tried and true recipes for Christmas goodies
  • 25 ways to make the holidays holy days
  • fun and creative ways to reach out to others at the holidays
  • list of great Christmas read alouds for you and your children
  • a week of devotions for the week between Christmas and New Year’s

I have poured my heart into this book and to know that people are buying it will be beyond thrilling– and it will help us put presents under the tree this year, too. Let’s just be honest.