A Week of Prayer

Jun 21, 2009Heal from the past

This week I want to focus on prayer by, er, praying. I guess that makes sense! Here is my Sunday prayer:

Father God,

For me to say that to You is a huge thing. As a fatherless girl who had a gaping wound only a daddy could fill, You swept me into Your arms when I was fifteen. Thank You Lord for fathering me. For loving me. For disciplining me. For cherishing me. For challenging me. For pushing me. For holding me. For healing me. For listening to me. For seeing me. For choosing me. For beautifying me.

You are the Daddy I run to. The Father I embrace when life gets lonely or painful or bewildering. You are my hope, my joy, my all.

Thank You that You are big when I feel small. That Your hand is enough. Your life in me is enough. Your hope is enough.

I love you. I need you. I worship you.