A Sweet Prayer from Julie e

Aug 15, 2010Find joy today, Kingdom Uncaged, Write!

I asked Julie if I could post this. She was gracious enough to say yes. She wrote this to me after she read the recent Inside Renewal. Her email was a sweet reminder of God’s control over my writing career and ministry. I pray it blesses you too, this Lord’s Day.

I‘ve just finished reading your newsletter.

We both know what garners big book sales: Easy to read. Entertaining. Sensational.

You, dear Mary, deal in the truth of hard things. Painful, nearly unmentionable things. Things most people don’t want to look at. Things that people who’ve been in your kind of situation need to see to know they are not alone. But it is Truth.

You write of healing, of working hard to change, of taking steps that are not common to man’s nature. Forgiving is not easy, praying for your abusers? Right next to impossible. But that’s the beauty of Redemption.

Let me pray for you:

Our Creator God, you have made Mary for this hard, hard job, that of proclaiming your power to redeem in the worst of situations. Help her to be still and know your loving, nurturing arms are holding her and making the old pain fall away. You’ve taught me, Lord, that even when we’ve dealt with something awful, some parts of it still come to visit. We need to be still and melt into your hug. Please help your girl Mary to stay the course. You are using every word she writes.

Thank you, sweet Mary, for your heart that knows pain and chooses redemption over bitterness. You have blessed so many, and are truly TRULY being God’s messenger. And that’s the best reason to write.

Julie e


Thank you, Julie, for your encouragement.