A stake in the ground

May 21, 2013Archive

I’ve spent the past several years worrying about making money at this writing ministry. And to be quite honest, I’ve let the fluctuations of that reality affect my mood and worth. You may have even seen traces of that here on my blog. I won’t reiterate all that because I believe God is doing something new in my heart.

Confession: I’ve been living for the wrong kingdom, measuring myself by the world’s standards. I have given in to believing the lie that money = worth.

No more.

By Jesus’ strength, I’m driving a stake in the ground. I’m no longer living for the world’s economy. I am choosing, deliberately, NOT to fret about provision. I will not, by God’s grace, give in to worry about this because it impoverishes the mission God has given me on this earth:

“How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, and publishes peace, who brings good news of happiness, who publishes salvation, who says to Zion, ‘Your God reigns.'” (Isaiah 52:7, ESV).

My job is to publish; His is to take those words and bring fruit, however that fruit may look.

My job is to speak God’s greatness. His job is to grow His kingdom.

My job is to look at heaven for reward (letting go of needing it so desperately here). His job is to provide that reward however He sovereignly sees fit.

My job is to love Him and love others. His job is to settle my worth once and for all–not attached to what I create or do or make or succeed in–but wholly determined by His affection toward me.

My job is to let go of needing certain outcomes to feel valid. His job is to validate me way down deep in my soul.

My job is to be faithful. That’s His job too.

I’d appreciate prayer as I actively choose to give up worry about finances and worth and success. Remind me if you see me getting weird or caught up in this publishing business. Remind me that it’s about Jesus’ kingdom expanding, His glory, not mine. Remind me that this world is so so so swift in its passing, and that what will last is what is done for God’s kingdom.

I place a stake in the ground. I’m living for a better story, choosing trust over fear. I pray the same for you.