A Slow Burn Media Tour: You can be a part!

Sep 7, 2009Write!

Please join us for a (quick turnaround) tour promoting A Slow Burn. This blog tour will run from September 28-Oct 3, 2009.

You have three ways in which you can participate. More specific details on how to participate will be sent out once you sign up. (To sign up, email Tina at info@blogtourspot.com)

***If you were too late to become an influencer, there’s still a chance to receive a complimentary copy of A Slow Burn. See option 3 below.***

Option 1: Writers – What better way to practice your writing than with some short and simple writing assignments? And your readers will not be disappointed since each project will ultimately reflect you. This option does not require reading the book.

Assignment: To be Announced

Option 2: Photographers – Love to take pictures and need an excuse to go shoot? For each tour, we’ll be suggesting themes and specific words to capture through photography. Upload your images to your blog and/or our Flickr group, and we’ll send people your way to see your art. No reading required. Note: images must be tasteful and appropriate for all audiences or they will be excluded from the tour.

Assignment: Capture the words “slow,” “burn,” “mystery,” and/or “snake.” Bonus if you represent the title “A Slow Burn.”

Option 3: Readers – Don’t worry! If you like receiving those books in the mail and reading and reviewing them, you still have the opportunity to do that as well. We will continue with our “standard” tours which allow you to receive a free book in exchange for posting a media release and/or review.

As always, we’ll have a centralized tour website which houses all of the information you need to post, including the author’s bio, photos, HTML code and canned interviews. You may also send up to 5 interview questions for the author to answer (questions are requested a week in advance of your posting date). To see how this works, visit Blog Tour Spot.

To join, just email Tina at info@blogtourspot.com and let her know which option(s) you prefer. You may do one or all of them. The reading option (option 3) is currently the only option that will receive a book for participating.

I am always looking for additional participants in our tours, so if you know anyone who might be interested please feel free to pass this information along.

I look forward to working with you.

The Blog Tour Spot