A really cool letter from a reader!

Jun 8, 2009Write!

Hi Mary,

I have a divinely orchestrated story to tell you. I printed out your blog a few weeks back about finding your sweet spot for writing. I have never before printed out someone’s blog. But the primary questions (what is your greatest joy? and what is the world’s greatest need?) are great focus questions for anyone and so I read them to my husband on a road trip to South Carolina last Friday. We had a great conversation about where these collide in his life and in mine.

About a half hour later we were listening to Christian radio and all of sudden Tim Wildmon & Ray Pritchard were introducing you and talking about Daisy Chain. It may sound like a simple coincidence to some, but I don’t believe in chance. Knowing your story of writing to Chuck Colson and then having him feature Daisy Chain on Breakpoint, makes my hair stand on end. Our God is so creative in showing us He is sovereign in things big and small. I love when He so graciously shows us His fingerprints.

May God bless you, Mary. I hope one day our paths will cross in some divinely orchestrated way. And please feel free to visit my blog: www.kristiejackson.blogspot.com

Kristie Jackson