A Prayer from a Dear Friend

Dec 6, 2004Family Uncaged

We received this prayer from a dear friend this week. I wanted to share it with you because it was so precious to us. I am amazed at how swiftly and how well God answered the cry of my heart when I prayed, “Lord, specifically encourage us this week.” I am amazed at how lavish God is in His love for us all, how beautifully He answers the cries of our hearts. This is one of those answers:

“Dear Father in Heaven,

i give you my dear friends, pat and mary, and their precious children, sophie, aidan, and julia. may You, our Father, convince them once again of Your loving watchcare over them. show them again, today, how much You cherish them — so much that You have chosen them to not only know Your Son, but also to proclaim Him by the power of Your Spirit.

Father, provide for them. as they serve You by faith, reward that faith with protection from the enemies of Your Son’s gospel, provision through their fellow saints who belong to Christ, and power to walk each day to the end in accord with Your Spirit.

prosper patrick’s hand. give him wisdom and compassion to lead and develop vision.

invigorate mary’s mind. give her words of truth and inspiration to write Christianly.

strengthen sophie’s ministry. give her love for those who seek to harm her.

bless aidan’s effort. give him success as he pushes forward through difficult learning.

steady julia’s resolve. give her companions for a lifetime, and positive lunch experiences!

in all this, our Father, make Your Son known. may stories abound in the demuth family journal about Your provision, protection, and power in their lives and ministry. may they be encouraged today, with hope, by what they see You doing. may they trust You when everything is dark and You’re the only light. may they stop and stand in worshipful awe of You when You answer their prayers. may You be pleased to give them good gifts, and the grace to endure suffering. may the gospel ring in France because of them.

to You, our Father, we give praise and adoration through Your Son and by Your Spirit.


Yes, amen.

And amen.