A Prayer for the Worried

Dec 10, 2015Find joy today, Heal from the past, Mind if I pray for you?

“Worry weighs a person down.” Proverbs 12:25a

What a perfect verse for this time of year where nerves are frazzled, money is scarce, and relationships are stretched to the max. I thought you might enjoy a prayer to pray over your worries today. Just say these words out loud, believing that your good God loves you and wants to take the weight of worry off your shoulders. Oh how He longs to un-heavy you.

Jesus, I feel heavy today because of worry. The weight gain of heavy stress has not blessed my life with peace or joy or proper perspective. Instead it’s become like a noose around my heart, causing me to jump headlong into negative conclusions, even when life seems okay and sane.

Worry accomplishes nothing for me, and yet I treat it like a lover, feeding it, coddling it, wooing it. I don’t want to do that anymore, Jesus.

But this relinquishment of worry seems impossible to me. I’m grateful You are the God of the impossible, so I humbly ask today that You would free me of the worry beast.

Today when I bend toward worry and panic, would You prompt me to choose another path? When I want to give into my fears and let them fully vent their chaos to my mind, would You give me new perspective?

Right now I choose faith, Jesus. I choose to believe that Your capable shoulders can carry my worries. I choose to believe that there is no profit in worrying. I choose to trust You for what concerns me. I choose to actively rest from rabbit trails and fears run amuck.

Bring clarity to my mind, please, and feet to my faith. I declare that You are capable of holding every worry. And because I’m so tired of holding them close to my heart, I willingly offer them up to You as sacrifice.