A prayer for my friend Twilla

Jun 16, 2012Kingdom Uncaged, Mind if I pray for you?

I recently received news that my friend Twilla’s cancer has returned. Here’s the prayer I prayed for her and her family. I pray it blesses you too.

Jesus, we trust You.

We choose to believe in Your greater purpose at work, though we may  not like the suffering Twilla has endured.
We know You are bigger than cancer, than stress, than worry, than relationships, than fear.
We rest calmly in Your scarred hands, knowing that You understand suffering. You endured every possible pain and problem when You walked this earth. So You are best able to come alongside us with empathy.
We feel small, but we trust in Your enormity.
We may waver, but You never change.
We can panic, but You create and grant peace.
We don’t rest, but You lead us beside quiet waters.
We may fret, but You hold us when we shake.
We see cancer as a mountain, but You created the mountains and You are greater.
We lose perspective, but You, as You sit in heaven, have woven a perfect plan that will someday make sense.
So we place our worries on Your lap. We rest our heads upon Your shoulders. We calm our hearts against Yours. We relinquish what we think should happen to You and choose to trust You for each step we take.
Guide, renew, heal, recharge, empower, and bring us joy in the journey.