A LOL Review

Aug 31, 2006Write!

Today I found this on Watching the Tree Limbs Amazon site:

A Whole Saturday . . . gone, thanks to this book!, August 27, 2006
L. Ward “Pastor Boy” (Dallas, TX) – See all my reviews

Way to go, DeMuth! You’ve taken away a whole Saturday from me. All I wanted to do was to begin this book, so I picked it up yesterday around 2:00. I finished the thing around 6:00. Crimoney! I’m a pastor. I’m supposed to spend my Saturday preparing for Sunday. I was just going to read a chapter or two to pass some time. Now I’ve neglected my wife, my kids and the church! Folks, I just couldn’t put this thing down. It’s a good read on a tough and uncomfy subject. Every good story has a good villain and and an underdog in need of justice. Such is the case with this one. My heart’s cry for resolution, salvation and justice would not let me drop this book ’til I’d polished it off. Hats off to Mary DeMuth. She knows how to make a book not only mysterious but meaningful. The subtle reference to the book of Ruth near the end of the story is masterful. Gotta go. The honey-do list has grown.

I think it should be a requirement that all reviewers have a sense of humor, don’t you?