A Letter from a New Friend in Ghana

Jul 15, 2008Archive

(Paul is pictured here on the far left.)

Our dear friend Paul Napari sent this amazing note to Aidan a few days ago. I’m humbled. Aidan’s response is below:

Dear Aidan / Wuntima,

It has only been a week ago since you departed from the soils of Ghana after a week long missionary work in Northern Ghana. My family and I have missed you so greatly especially your friendly looks and gentle smiles. I wished I had to spend some more weeks with you in Ghana, but your time was up to get back home.

Wuntima, you really lived your name which means “God has given me.” You have actually been a gift to us. Your time spent in northern Ghana was more helpful, encouraging and motivating than words can describe. You indeed have left an indelible mark of compassion, love and great passion for the great commission on our minds. What normally will take us decades to do is what God made you support us do within the one week. This certainly would not have been done had God not brought you.

Your gifts at the outdooring of our baby gave us a great touch. Your gift of cash was timely and appropriate and met a great need, it was really God sent because it was needed at that time that ever. May you be bless beyond measure by God Himself.

The villages of Kushibo, Sankpem, Satani and of course the almighty Tarikpa cannot cease talking about you. You were a figure of attraction as the best dancer and you can never be forgotten. By your presence these churches have been ecouraged and revived. More new souls were added to the number of believers. You are a mark of humility to us.

Nevertheless, much is still desired to be done in these commuinties and beyond. I pray that you will not rest untill you are back next year for us to continue with this unfinished job. I particularly will be praying seriously for all it takes you to get you back to northern Ghana next year, please share with me. Wuntima, so much to be done yet has not been shared with you.

I was happy to learn that you all arrived home safely. How did your family receive you back home? And how has been your personal challenge about the needy in northern Ghana both spiritually and socially since you got home?

Thanks for now, Wuntima.


dear paul

Your email touches my heart greatly, it changed my life going to ghana. I’ve never experienced anything like it.

I love ghana and I love the people. I want to come back and share the gospel with more of them. I miss ghana already and lord willing go again next year.

your dear Friend Wuntima,