A Huge Risk

Jun 1, 2016Heal from the past

It’s not in my nature to do this. I don’t often step out on my own, at least not in this way. Especially when we’re still dealing with my husband’s job loss–seems like a strange, counterintuitive time to start a ministry.

Except that God’s been stirring these days. Actually, last summer it all started when the idea of restory birthed in me. God has radically restoried me, and I’ve had the privilege of seeing so many of you restoried as well.

I’ve been wanting to speak about this idea, this kingdom-concept, so I told my mastermind group in January about it. “I strongly feel God has called me to speak more,” I told them. “But it’s hard for me to promote myself as a speaker, and I can’t seem to make a living at it.”

(In case you’d like to see the masterminds, here we are:)

My friend Thomas (facing away in the blue chair) nearly jumped out of his seat. He told me something surprising. (Aside: remember my word for the year has been SUBTRACTION….Fun times). He said, “Maybe subtraction means subtracting the gatekeepers in your life. Why don’t you just step out and do your own Restory Conference? You can crowdfund it!”

Others chimed in. Susie got excited. Tracy chimed in. Lacy seconded Thomas’ idea. Erin cheerleaded. Randy got on board. Jim shared his 2 cents. (We’re writers, we only have 2 cents!) And suddenly, in the middle of the mastermind retreat, a vision grew in me.

But I was scared. Terrified. This was risky. I’d done crowdfunding before, and although it was amazingly successful (thank you GOD!), it took a lot out of me.

[Tweet “Help my friend @MaryDeMuth put on the Restory Conference! Details here:”]

I talked to my church (in the Dallas Fort Worth area), and they graciously agreed to hold the conference there in September. The pieces fell into place. All except the funding. Which is why I’m writing this blog post. As of today, the Restory Conference is up on IndieGogo. I’m trying to raise $10,000 which will help me not only pay for that conference, but possibly inaugurate other conferences around the United States and the world. It’s a do or die campaign, meaning if I raise $9999, it won’t fund. (I guess I like stress!)

I’m doing this as a fleece to see if this idea is utterly crazy or God-breathed. And I’d like you to be a part. Would you please pray about this? The campaign lasts just two weeks. You don’t have to go to participate in the crowdfunding. Or you can gift tickets for others.

I can tell you this: the conference, I believe, will be life changing. I’ll be speaking, yes, but there will also be some amazing testimonies of God’s restorying ways, and we’ll worship God together. I’m really excited to see what He will do. And even if you’re far away, you can still receive the entire experience because we’re taping it. (If you purchase a virtual ticket, you’ll get the movie files in your inbox).

All that to say, if you’d like to take a look at this crazy risk, if you’d like to see a short video of me talking about the conference, just click the image below.

There are only 900 seats available for the conference, so if you’d like to reserve your spot, you can do so now on the campaign.

I’ve struggled these past few weeks leading up to this campaign. I just released a book (and promoted that). I know it seems like I’m always asking for things. But at the same time, I’m encouraged. Even though Patrick and I have no idea (as I write this post) what God has for us next, we do feel we were supposed to at least take this risk.

Thanks in advance. And please do pray.


    • Mary DeMuth

      Thank you, Andrew!

  1. James Watkins

    “Father, thank you for Mary’s heart to ‘re-story’ those who have faced devastating chapters in their lives. Please grant Mary the ability and opportunities to grant others the comfort and encouragement you have given her. May all who attend experience a holy plot twist of healing and forgiveness. Amen.” Praying.

    • Mary DeMuth

      A holy plot twist!!! YES!!!