A Grand Marketing Experiment

Mar 17, 2009Write!

Pay it forward!

Here is a great marketing experiment, concocted by my friend Pam. She felt she couldn’t write a review for Daisy Chain because she was intimidated by all the writers who had written reviews here. So she said, “Mary, here’s what I’m going to do. I have three books. I’m going to give them to friends with this caveat: If you like the book, you can have this copy for free, but I’d like you to pay it forward by buying a book for a friend who you think would like it. If you don’t like the book, just return it to me.” So, if you have an extra copy of Daisy Chain, would you consider trying this experiment?

  • Give it to a friend.
  • Say it’s free (but if she doesn’t like it, she returns it to you)
  • If she likes it, she keeps it, then agrees to buy another copy for a friend.
  • She tells her friend the same thing. And the Daisy Chain begins!

If you do this, let me know. I’d love to somehow track this. (haha!)