a day early for peanut butter cups

Oct 31, 2004Family Uncaged

We had an interesting thing happen yesterday (Halloween Eve). Someone knocked on our door after dinner. There, in front of Patrick and the kids stood four ghosts. They declared something in French and looked forlorned (as all good ghosts should).

It’s not Halloween! That’s tomorrow, my children thought.

Patrick, remembering the care package we received, gave each French ghost some gold (cleverly disguised as Reeses Peanut Butter Cups). The ghosts of Halloween Eve skipped merrily out of site, clutching American candy, reading to spook the rest of the neighbors.

What’s my point? Just this: grace. French people don’t celebrate Halloween as Americans do. We were tickled that they attempted to, even though they were a day early. Isn’t that like us? We don’t know how to live life here in France. We make countless mistakes. And yet, God graces us where we are. He doesn’t chastise us for our inabilities, misunderstandings or cultural faux-pas. He gives us grace much like Patrick graced the ghosts with Reeses.

I pray we all learn to grace the folks of any culture, no matter what their mask. And I thank God He graces us wherever we are.

Eating a Reeses (and sharing them too),