A Christmas Letter of Sorts

Dec 12, 2007Archive

Here is the Christmas Letter We Never Sent:
2007 was a year of transition for the DeMuth family as we settled into our life back in America. We’ve seen Jesus do amazing things in the lives of our children as they’ve made the transition.

Sophie (almost 15) loves Jesus with all her heart. She’s chosen terrific friends. She’s published her very first article in our church’s glossy magazine (it’s very nice) and got lots of compliments. It was about the journey she had leading her atheist friend to Jesus in France. She has a heart to reach all sorts of people in an inviting, natural way. She writes, “To this day, I continue to believe what Jesus is doing in Amber is a miracle. Practically an atheist before, this lonesome girl searched for Christ and found Him. And, for some amazing reason, God chose me to bring her to Him.”

Aidan is eleven and five foot seven wearing a men’s 10 1/2 shoe. He’s in the sixth grade. He decided to run for treasurer because he felt strongly that becoming treasurer meant he could raise money for wells in Africa. Unfortunately he didn’t win. When I tried to console him by telling him stories of my own lost elections, he said, “Mom, you don’t understand. It’s not that I didn’t win. It’s that God has burned in me a desire to dig wells in Africa and He won’t let me stop thinking about it.” I talked to our mission’s pastor about this. He’s agreed to set up a fund for Aidan’s youth bible fellowship specifically to dig a well in Ghana. We’ve been blessed to hear from the pastor in Ghana who has invited Aidan and the family to come out in the summer to dedicate the well. Aidan saves his money to send it there, and I’ve been able to give some from the proceeds of my writing.

Julia is nine years old. She had the hardest time in France, where her personality shriveled and she cried far too many times to count. It’s been amazing to see her blossom here. She has one million friends. Boys call her on the phone (uh oh), and she loves life. What an amazing transformation! We thank God for doing that.

I’ve been going full force with writing. I’m writing a three-book series for Zondervan called the Defiance, TX series. And I just finished a spiritual memoir for them as well. The Lord provided in amazing ways this year. Feeling frustrated at my sales, I had the opportunity to be mentored by a marketing person who has really helped me find my life’s message. I never believed working through marketing issues would bring about personal revival in my heart, but it has. I’m so thankful.

I continue to look for ways to minister through the written word and through speaking, but lately have sensed God’s longer and wider call to prayer. I’ve seen some amazing things happen (God gets ALL the glory) when I’ve prayed for folks. Huge breakthroughs. Surprises galore. I’m humbled. And I can’t help but think that this is truly the ministry God is preparing me for-not that I’ll stop writing, but that this one is a quiet, behind-the-scenes ministry I’m so thrilled to be a part of.

We are settled in a home in a suburb of Dallas, thankful for a church that loves us and prays for us. We just got a dog, a beautiful golden retriever we’ve named Pippin. (See picture above). We’ve discovered our fluffy white cat has anger issues, so we’re weathering the canine/feline wars right now. My husband continues to manage a vascular lab for UT Southwestern in Dallas, has a “fun” commute, and plays soccer to blow off steam.

That’s it for the DeMuth family in 2007. It’s been nearly a year since we landed back in Texas, living a month in the corner of a barn (very fun, really!). When we straggled into the little apartment, friends had blessed us by erecting a Christmas tree, fully supplying our pantry. We had beds, a couch, a table, and not much of anything else. We understood two things: homelessness (in terms of having no permanent home at the time; we had no keys) and the stark beauty of Jesus coming to us in a manger. How interesting that we lived a few hops away from horse mangers last Christmas, the very scene where Jesus broke through to our dusty world. It’s a Christmas I won’t forget, among goats, kittens, dogs, horses and cows. And each other.

May Jesus bless your 2008 in like manner, with surprising answers to prayer, the togetherness of family, and the hope of His coming.