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The First Step To Published: A Book Proposal

Want to Learn the Secret that All Published Authors Know About Selling a Book to a Publisher or an Agent? It’s called a masterly crafted book proposal. It’s not rocket science, but it is a skill you’ll need to learn to go to the next level in your publishing career. Where can you get such […]

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2015: The Year You Write Your Book

Have you had a dream way down deep to hold a book with your name on the cover? Have you jotted a goal on your bucket list that included, Write a Book? Honestly, I never thought I’d hold my book in my hands. I didn’t think I’d get published. When I diapered and nurtured my […]

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Flash Sale: 99 Cents for my Writing Books

If you’re not a writer, and you don’t want to write a book, just skip this blog post. (Or share it with a writer friend). Today and today only, I’m offering my three writing books for 99 cents: The 11 Secrets of Getting Published (regularly priced $3.99), Write a Winning Nonfiction Proposal (regular price $9.97), […]

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Writers: Get Your Book Published!

I’ve long been feeling that my Live Uncaged site (here) has been a bit schizophrenic. I wrote about living an uncaged life while simultaneously blogging for up and coming writers. Some of you may not even know that I offered mentoring services at a site once called The Writing Spa. Now everything is under one […]

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Before You Write Your Book … Ask Yourself 5 Questions

Did you know that if you’re writing a nonfiction book and you’d like to see a traditional publisher publish it, you don’t write the whole book? Well, you don’t. You write a proposal and three sample chapters. When I started my publication journey, I was convinced I’d be a novelist only. Whenever I proofread nonfiction […]

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Teen Girls & Moms of Teens: You need this book (comment to win)

Today I’m thankful to have the author of His Revolutionary Love, a Bible study for teen girls by Lynn Cowell. I had the privilege of reviewing it, and I’ll be using it in the future with the junior high girls I disciple. So, everyone, give Lynn a hearty welcome! An update: Congrats to Katy who […]

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Publish Your E-book in 7 Simple Steps!

I never thought I’d self publish anything. Truly. I’m a traditionally published girl with eleven books under my author belt. I love my publishers, love what they’ve done. But there came a time when one of my book ideas didn’t fit within their needs. The kernel of the idea to e-publish started when I pioneered […]

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The Story Behind my Proposal Tutorials

Why I Created These e-books It starts way back when in the second grade, my teacher said I had a talent for writing. This is me, then: me in second grade I kept her words deep inside as I wrote my way through diaries, then journals throughout my life. In college, I dusted off her […]

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Write a Powerful Novel Proposal: Launching Today!

Today I’m launching a new product on my website called Write a Powerful Fiction Proposal. (Scroll down; it’s below the Nonfiction proposal tutorial.) For you novelists out there seeking publication, you may ask yourself, why would I need a fiction proposal? Don’t I just need a synopsis and three sample chapters? My answer:   Since today’s fiction […]

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