90% off ALL my writing products

Aug 1, 2017Work Uncaged, Write!

This short and sweet post highlights ALL my digital writing products. You’ll get them all for a heavily discounted rate for one week. Yep, just until next Tuesday August 8th.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Learn how to strategically launch your book–a checklist of nearly EVERYTHING you need to do it well.
  • For those struggling with writing either a fiction or nonfiction proposal, both tutorials AND fill-in templates are included. (FUN SIDE NOTE: You have my permission to gift the opposite genre proposal tutorial to a writer friend. For instance, if you write nonfiction, use the NF proposal tutorial, but GIVE the fiction proposal tutorial to your novelist buddy)
  • Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) I know about the publishing biz and writing.
  • For those who speak to women, the women’s ministry database is curated, current and large.
  • And for anyone interested in crowdfunding their next indie project, I’m offering an entire course on how to do that with spreadsheets, audio, and tutorials.

You get $470 worth of digital products for just $49–a 90% discount! Just click below.

This offer is for one week, so would you do me a quick favor and share this with your writer and speaker friends? I would greatly appreciate it. Here are a few share samples:

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Thanks so much, and I hope these resources help launch your writing career and keep you thriving!