83 Dollars

Feb 28, 2008Archive

I’m very proud of my twelve-year-old son Aidan. A few weeks ago, during birthday week, he received an anonymous card in the mail with $100.00 in it. We have no idea who sent it or where it came from. Imagine his wide-eyed response!

He spent some of his money on his friends, bought a snack, and then came to me. “Mom,” he said. He placed $83.00 on my desk. “I’d like this to go toward our trip to Ghana. I really don’t need it, and we could use the money for our trip.”

It helped me realize that when God gets a hold of a child, He doesn’t let go. He can give a boy who would’ve loved to buy something for himself a desire to think beyond himself. Because of Aidan, we’re $83.00 closer to raising the elephantine $15,0000 we’re trusting God for. Thank you, Aidan. And thank You Jesus for giving Aidan a heart to dig wells in Africa.